Pune Based

A Thane based manufacturer produces laminated plastic woven sacks. However, due to excess moisture during monsoons, the finished product used to have bad surface finish due to problems like uneven bubbles and pocket formations even when the filler quantities were low.

Also, the strength of product suffered due to delamination of polythene laminate from the PP sack or uneven sheet thickness. At times, the color masterbatch didn’t disperse properly through the compound, giving uneven coloring to the woven sacks.

The manufacturer chanced upon LamiBond and from the first use, the improvement in the product quality was evident.

Not only did LamiBond improve surface finish and color dispersion despite increased filler loading, it also ensured uniform sheet thickness and proper adhesion. All this, while reducing the carbon deposit on the blades, effectively reducing maintenance cost while increasing production rate.

LamiBond is a high quality additive for woven sack manufacturing. It allows the manufacturers to increase filler loading while reducing the viscosity of the compound, which improves the dispersion of polymers and masterbatch while speeding up the production rate.

In short, LamiBond is must for every smart manufacturer looking to maximize the profits and improve productivity.

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